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Film Review: 'The Fabulous Allan Carr'
July 3, 2017
Variety. "Garishly colorful, packed with stars, legendary parties, and a wide streak of pathos, it’s a singular life story entertainingly recounted." (full article: variety.com)
'The Fabulous Allan Carr': Film Review
June 30, 2017
The Hollywood Reporter. "Benefiting from ample interview footage of this colorful self-promoter, the entertaining doc...will play well to fest auds with a strong interest in musical theater and 1970s/'80s Tinseltown lore." (full article: hollywoodreporter.com)
Must-See LA OutFest Movies
June 29, 2017
World of Wonder / James St. James. "This portrait of a showbiz legend is both hilarious and deeply sympathetic." (full article: worldofwonder.net)
The Fabulous Allan Carr (Frameline)
June 14, 2017
Edge Media Network. "Not only an essential piece of our community's history that should be seen by everyone; it is also a rather fabulous movie." (full article: edgemedianetwork.com)
'Allan Carr' Proves Dreams Come True in Hollywood
June 13, 2017
San Francisco Examiner. "If there is a lesson to be learned from Carr’s life, (director) Schwarz says, it’s to be tenacious and not let go of a dream." (full article: sfexaminer.com)
Meet "The Fabulous Allan Carr" In The New Doc On Flamboyant Film Producer
May 30, 2017
NewNowNext. Exclusive first look at film's teaser. (full article: newnownext.com)
The Fabulous Allan Carr
May 27, 2017
Queer Guru. "Not only an essential piece of our community’s history that should be seen by everyone, it is also a rather fabulous movie too." (full article: queerguru.com)
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Cinema Diverse: Director explores big dreams, large life of gay Hollywood producer Allan Carr
September 20, 2017
Desert Sun. "I think he’d be happy to be remembered and talked about. He loved being famous. He loved being as much a celebrity as the celebrities who were in his movies." (full article: desertsun.com)
Capturing Allan Carr
September 14, 2017
Palm Springs Life. "Jeffrey Schwarz's captivating documentary about the filmmaker at Cinema Diverse reveals how the mastermind behind Grease and La Cage aux Folles went from fabulous to infamous." (full article: palmspringslife.com)
The Fabulous Allan Carr Review
July 21, 2017
HeyUGuys. "This is a compelling exploration of one of film history’s forgotten talents whose impact on the industry lives on." (full article: heyuguys.com)
The Fabulous Allan Carr, Jeffrey Schwarz Talks To Gay Essential
July 21, 2017
Gay Essential. "With The Fabulous Allan Carr documentary, Schwarz just wants people to remember Allan Carr – period." (full article: gay-themed-films.com)
Outfest 2017: "The Fabulous Allan Carr" Is An Intricate Look At One Of Hollywood's Most Intriguing Producers
July 20, 2017
That's My E(ntertainment). "(The doc) provides a fabulous look into the mind of a true Hollywood elite." (full article: thatsmye.com)
Outfest 2017: New Doc On The One, The Only, The Fabulous Allan Carr
July 15, 2017
Non Fiction Film. "Schwarz said he hoped to tell a balanced story of a man who achieved great things and also suffered some terrible public humiliations." (full article: nonfictionfilm.com)
Outfest '17 Interview: Jeffrey Schwarz on Finally Making A Movie Star Out of "The Fabulous Allan Carr"
July 12, 2017
Moveable Fest. "Schwarz hasn’t only mastered the ability to make films as engaging as his subjects, but also find the real person inside of the big, brash persona that they are known for in public, and his latest film 'The Fabulous Allan Carr' is no exception." (full article: moveablefest.com)
How Brett Ratner Got 'Grease' Master Mind Allan Carr's Infamous Party House
July 12, 2017
The Hollywood Reporter. "With entourage in tow, Brett Ratner will attend Wednesday's Outfest premiere of The Fabulous Allan Carr — Jeffrey Schwarz's new documentary about the caftan-wearing Grease mastermind who was run out of Hollywood in 1989 after producing the Snow White Oscars debacle." (full article: hollywoodreporter.com)
The Fabulous Allan Carr w/ Director Jeffrey Schwarz on his NEW Documentary
July 6, 2017
The Road To Cinema. "The film chronicles the surreal career of movie producer Allan Carr." (full podcast: jogroad.podbean.com)
Filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz: "You Made Allan Carr A Hero"
July 5, 2017
Dennis Anyone? with Dennis Hensley. "Documentary filmmaker Jeffrey Schwarz returns to the podcast to discuss is new film The Fabulous Allan Carr." (full podcast: player.fm)
Jeffrey Schwarz Talks 'The Fabulous Allan Carr,' Travolta, Divine, Grease 2 and all things queer
July 4, 2017
Queerty. "Schwarz’s films capture oft-overlooked stories from cinema—and queer—history." (full article: queerty.com)
The Trouble With Fabulous: The Solitary Saga of Allan Carr
July 3, 2017
Los Angeles Blade. "A documentary that should find favor with audiences, whether they’re familiar with the subject dealt within it or not. But for LGBT viewers The Fabulous Allan Carr has a special resonance." (full article: losangelesblade.com)
Reverend's Preview: Outfest 2017 Promises to be Fabulous
July 3, 2017
Movie Dearest / Rage Monthly Magazine. "I found The Fabulous Allan Carr revelatory in addition to just plain entertaining and can’t recommend it enough." (full article: moviedearest.blogspot.com)
The Fabulous Allan Carr - Jeffrey Schwarz Interview
June 17, 2017
Killer Movie Reviews - Behind The Scenes With Andrea Chase. "(Director) Schwarz traces an extraordinary life of excess and secrets that is both a lively chronicle of the times, and a surprising look at a time when gay men were firmly ensconced in the closet." (full article: killermoviereviews.com)
Hello, Frameline!
June 15, 2017
Bay Area Reporter. "Docmaker Jeffrey Schwartz remembers the spectacular rise and tacky fall of a hard-working promoter." (full article: ebar.com)
Reviews From Frameline 41
June 15, 2017
Beyond Chron. "An entertainingly bubbly tribute to one of the last big Hollywood dreamers." (full article: beyondchron.org)
SF's Frameline Film Festival Has Diversity, Variety and Brilliance
June 15, 2017
Progressive Pulse. "(Director) Schwarz leaves no stone unturned showcasing the highs and lows of this fascinating man." (full article: progressivepulse.com)
Carr's Life
June 15, 2017
The Coast. "The Fabulous Allan Carr is the latest in Schwarz's collection of wildly entertaining yet poignant documentaries about complicated and well-known gay men." (full article: thecoast.ca)
Special Report: The Fabulous Allan Carr (2017)
June 12, 2017
The Projection Booth. "On this special episode of The Projection Booth, Mike talks with Jeffrey Schwarz about his latest documentary, The Fabulous Allan Carr.'” (full podcast: projection-booth.blogspot.com)
Genre Queer: Frameline's Heroes And Icons
June 11, 2017
Film School Rejects. "This documentary strikes a perfect note between the flamboyant showmanship and the professional legacy of Allan Carr in both Hollywood and on Broadway.'” (full article: filmschoolrejects.com)
The Fabulous Allan Carr
June 5, 2017
Hammer To Nail. "One of the greatest things a documentary can do is introduce a wide(r) audience to someone who contributed to the cultural zeitgeist without receiving proper recognition... Schwarz has done a fabulous job shedding a light on this truly fascinating figure.'” (full article: hammertonail.com)
InsideOut 2017 Review: "The Fabulous Allan Carr" In The New Doc On Flamboyant Film Producer
June 2, 2017
Toronto Film Scene. "Documentarian Jeffery Schwarz strikes a perfect balance between the “show” and the business” in his entertaining bit of Hollywood and Broadway history." (full article: thetfs.ca)
The GLAAD Wrap
June 2, 2017
GLAAD. Includes trailer for The Fabulous Allan Carr. (full article: glaad.org)
The Queen of Musical Theatre: ALLAN CARR
May 31, 2017
My Gay Toronto. InsideOut Flaming Hot Film Pick: "It's a salacious journey through a world built on extravagance and pure audacity.'” (full article: mygaytoronto.com)
Fabulous Allan Carr, The - SIFF 2017
May 29, 2017
Should I See It? Three & a half stars: "A kind and engaging documentary... A must-watch for cinephiles and casual movie fans alike.” (full article: shouldiseeit.net)
"The Fabulous Allan Carr" - Who?
May 29, 2017
Reviews by Amos Lassen. "While (Carr) is still a mystery to many, Jeffrey Schwarz introduces him to us in a film that is just as fabulous as its subject.” (full article: reviewsbyamoslassen.com)
SIFF Review: The Fabulous Allan Carr
May 20, 2017
Comics Grinder. "A standout at this year's Seattle International Film Festival... As the story about a gay chubby insecure boy who grows up to live out his wildest dreams, it provides another compelling view of the hopes and dreams of La La Land.'” (full article: comicsgrinder.com)
SIFF-ting through cinema
May 20, 2017
DigsbyBlog / Hullabaloo. Three Stars: "An entertaining paean to a special type of excess that flourished from the mid-1970s thru the early 1980s.'” (full article: digsbyblog.blogspot.com)
SIFF World Premiere: The Fabulous Allan Carr
May 19, 2017
Seattle Gay Scene. "Jeffrey Schwarz’s telling of his story is capable, accessible, and fun; and it deserves to be seen, just as the history it represents deserves to be witnessed, learned, and remembered.'” (full article: seattlegayscene.com)
SIFF Interview: Jeffrey Schwarz talks about his great new documentary The Fabulous Allan Carr
May 19, 2017
The Sunbreak. "One of the movies playing at SIFF I was most anxious to see when the lineup was announced was The Fabulous Allan Carr, a new feature-length documentary about the legendary Hollywood producer from director Jeffrey Schwarz.'” (full article: thesunbreak.com)
SIFF 2017: 'The Fabulous Allan Carr' Movie Review
May 19, 2017
Scene Stealers. "(The film) does a fantastic job painting a compelling portrait of a man in 90 short minutes... Like much of the work Carr’s responsible for, it is light, indulgent, and a good time.” (full article: scene-stealers.com)
SIFF Double Feature: The Fabulous Allan Carr
May 19, 2017
The MacGuffin. "A delight to watch... About a man who created the biggest life for himself he possibly could, but who let his failures impact him more than they probably should have. This is a lot of fun, and I encourage anyone who enjoys a good story to see it.'” (full article: macguff.in)
The Fabulous Allan Carr
May 19, 2017
The Stranger. "Mastermind Allan Carr and his glittering pink disco ball of a career are affectionately recounted in Jeffrey Schwarz’s doc.'” (full article: thestranger.com)
Interview: Jeffrey Schwarz - "The Fabulous Allan Carr" SIFF Premiere
May 18, 2017
Equality 365. "Audiences will 'Delight in the decadence of 70’s and 80’s Hollywood elite, through the Svengali who brought sensations like Grease and La Cage Au Folles to the world!'” (full article: equality365.com)
SIFF 2017: Highlights of film festival's first week
May 17, 2017
The Seattle Times. "This exuberantly trashy documentary (focuses) on the gaudy showman of the 1970s/1980s, Allan Carr. Especially effective at recalling the 'life is a cabaret'’ momentum of the period.” (full article: seattletimes.com)
Literary Event of the Week: The Seattle International Film Festival
May 17, 2017
The Seattle Review of Books. "The Fabulous Allan Carr is as eager to please and as flashy as its subject. But beneath the glitz, there’s a rock-solid structure and dense reporting — all carryovers from the book that inspired the movie.” (full article: seattlereviewofbooks.com)
A Bookish Movie Buff's Guide to SIFF
May 17, 2017
Seattle Weekly. "This simply could have been interesting in a trainwreck way, but what elevates this documentary is its complex and finely structured portrait of its main character.” (full article: seattleweekly.com)
Inside Out LGBT Film Festival Review: The Fabulous Allan Carr
May 2017
Festival Reviews. Three Stars: "Most important is the fact that the film also tells the truth about the real Carr – warts and all.'” (full article: festivalreviews.org)